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The core of DiCOM’s CQS product suite is the Loan Review module. The Loan Review module provides all the features required to quickly identify and assess risk within your portfolio. The role-based business workflows help guide users through effective credit management at all levels within an organization. As the industry leader, DiCOM continues to evolve the feature set to support the emerging needs of progressive loan review organizations of all sizes.

Loan Review Benefits

  • Reduces the time and effort to perform end-to-end loan reviews while increasing accuracy and repeatability
  • Substantially reduces portfolio scoping time to quickly build your review sample
  • Ensures complete portfolio coverage using flexible criteria based on your institutions unique requirements
  • Efficient workflows allow more time for robust risk analysis using electronic line sheets
  • Produces detailed and summary reports to serve all levels of your institution
  • Improves credit quality and reduces loan losses!

The Loan Review process made easy, efficient and measurable!

Data Import

CQS supports both manual and automated data imports to eliminate the time and potential errors associated with hand-keying or manual manipulation.  DiCOM’s experienced staff will work with you to ensure all your critical loan information is harmonized and accessible using the data import features.

Scope Portfolio

The easy to use portfolio query tool in CQS supports powerful and highly-flexible risk-based scoping criteria.  After your scooping criteria is established, it can be saved for future use allowing your review staff to focus on credit review rather than complex and cumbersome sorting and filtering in spreadsheets.

Analyze Risk

Leverage the electronic linesheet and other automated features to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your loan review organization.  The Loan Review credit workspace was designed by loan review professionals and continues to evolve to support emerging market needs.

Report Findings

A smooth and efficient loan review process needs to also drive results.  That’s why Loan Review has an extensive report catalog as well as a feature-rich report designer.  DiCOM clients can provide executives with the data and insights needed to effectively identify and mitigate credit risk.

CQS Homepage

The intuitive CQS Homepage provides a quick view of work in progress as well as easy navigation to the review workspace.  Progress and performance management dashboards are also readily available to provide quick insights and drive effective decision making.