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Loan Review Made Easy

The core of the CQS product suite is the Loan Review module.  The structured and efficient workflow allows more time for robust risk analysis using electronic line sheets and questionnaires.  At your fingertips you will have all the tools required to quickly identify and assess current and emerging risk within your portfolio for effective credit management.

  • On average, clients report a staff-level efficiency increase of 20% based on reduction of manual processes and streamlined workflows
  • Efficiency gains at the management level are reported at 10% due to improved tracking, reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Smoother regulatory exams, improved insights from risk trending and analytics, process standardization, and access to our client peer group for best practices and insights
  • DiCOM’s ecosystem and commitment to continuous improvement ensures the evolving feature set will support the emerging needs of progressive loan review organizations of all sizes

Simple Workflow

The loan review workflow provides an efficient, repeatable process to help staff of all skill levels effectively identify and manage risk.

Data Import

Manual and automated data import features add efficiency and reduce the opportunity for error by virtually eliminating the data entry process into the linesheet.  Data is archived within the system for regulatory reporting and trending analysis.


The easy to use portfolio query tool adds simplicity, efficiency and repeatability to the scoping process.  Complex risk-based queries can be done in a matter of seconds.  These queries can be saved and even combined into query sets to ensure efficiency and consistency within the scoping process.  Clients indicate scoping can be done in approximately 15 minutes.


The credit assignment features adds structure and efficiency to support and improve your existing workflow.  Reports and views are provided to track credit assignment and completion throughout the review process.  Productivity information is archived in the database for team performance monitoring and reporting.


Gain efficiency through the pre-populated electronic linesheet and questionnaires.  Comments and Exceptions are captured in the database for effective reporting at the borrower or review-level or for trending and aggregation across multiple reviews.  This information is archived within CQS and can be converted to PDF and distributed to line personnel, bank examiners and management.


Reports are available at the press of a button saving time and reducing opportunity for error that can be attributed to manual report generation.  New reports are consistently being developed by DiCOM and can be developed by bank personnel to keep pace with your evolving business needs.  DiCOM also offers a service to develop client reports as needed.


A comprehensive catalog of reports help your organization efficiently and effectively zero in on the most critical findings from your review process.  Because findings persist from one review to the next, this data can be aggregated and trended to identify systemic problems and emerging credit risk.  Aggregated findings are also available for trending at the macro-level with the Portfolio Analysis module.

Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive user interface provides a quick view of work in progress as well as easy navigation to the review workspace.  Progress and performance management dashboards are also readily available to provide quick insights and drive effective decision making.