Portfolio Stress Test

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Portfolio Stress Test Benefits

  • Easy to modify selections to focus on possible risks
  • Enhance understanding of portfolio
  • Enable customized risk management strategy to be developed proactively
  • Test the impact of stress factors on portfolio and individual borrowers
  • Facilitate informative management reporting

As an element of the Portfolio Analysis module of CQS, Stress Testing enables a banker to anticipate issues by looking at past financials and applying multiple variables of stress to the historical performance simultaneously. Without any manual data entry, this tool enables you to project the performance of a group of credits with a few clicks, and to look at details on the individual credits in those groups. Picking from a list of 18 financial ratios, you can customize what elements you want to stress on each portfolio, and immediately see the results displayed in graphical form.

Stress Testing Analysis Features:

  • Up to 17 financial ratios can be analyzed simultaneously
  • Flexible comparison of customized ‘base’ and ‘stressed’ levels for each portfolio
  • Provide visual indicator of results at portfolio and note level
  • Produce user friendly management reports
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