Portfolio Trend Analysis

///Portfolio Trend Analysis
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Portfolio Trend Analysis Benefits

  • Visual presentation which highlights areas of concern
  • Easy to modify selections to focus on possible risks
  • Enhance understanding of portfolio
  • Assist strategic portfolio decision making
  • Facilitate informative management reporting

As an element of the Portfolio Analysis module of CQS, Trend Analysis provides a visual image of changes in a portfolio. Without any manual entry of data, this tool provides a view of a selected portfolio over multiple time periods. By analyzing this image, a banker can identify areas of concern, such as growth in the portfolio that is undesirable. When such an area is identified, a bank can target risk management efforts appropriately.

Trend Analysis Features:

  • Over 20 choices of elements to analyze
  • Flexible comparisons of quarter end and year end data
  • Provide visual indicator of results at the portfolio level
  • Produce user friendly management reports
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